A3 TENSILE STRUCTURES specialize in the design, engineering, fabrication, installation of tensile structures and boosts of an effective product range with a plethora of options to choose from based on the size, design and the colors. we offers wide range of exclusive products include commercial and residential shades, architectural shade, car parking shed, cover walkway, entrance canopy, cover auditorium, swimming pool shade sail, courtyard covering, cantilever structures, atrium skylight shed, garden umbrella, gazebos, stage cover, shelters and shade systems to designed to help you to use your outdoor space more effectively. We work collaboratively with architects, building contractors and customers to provide tailor-made design solutions for multiple applications across various sectors in all over India. Our specialists have an extensive knowledge which enables us to take up projects that diverge far from our typical work.

Ever since it came into existence, tensile structure has raked up a storm in structure design and construction. And why not? It comes with benefits galore. Easy to install and cheaper to maintain, tensile structure is a benchmark of durability, elasticity, strength, weather resistance, flame resistance, aesthetics and elegance. Depending on the type of fabric being used it can exhibit special properties as well.

Tensile structure consists of fabrics which are kept taut by the force of tension. By adjusting the positions of supports and anchorages, if any, many amazing designs and shapes in the form of curvatures can be generated. These structures find a wide range of application in car parking sheds, walkaway structures, industrial structures, tensile structure cover for auditoriums and swimming pools, retractable tensile structures etc.

We are engaged in the business of top quality tensile structures in India for a long time. Contact us for design and timely delivery of top quality customizable tensile structure. We offer the value of your money.

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